What is Tecra Space?

Tecra Space is a online platform which use crowdfounding based on blockchain to fund scientists projects.

Tecra Space is supporting start ups and innovations. Investors can find in Tecra a good place to invest in science. Thanks to its own cryptocurrency, the investment process is safe, transparent and allows you to exit the investment.

If you are a scientist or have an interesting technological idea, Tecra gives you the opportunity to raise capital for the implementation of the project. The main value of Tecra is the trust of customers – which is why having your own version of the Tecra blockchain ensures investment security.

What is Tecra Space?

What does the project implementation process look like?

ecra Space is a decentralized platform that enables the exchange of digital assets, patents and other intellectual property rights (IPR), as well as the possibility of tokenization.

– Project submission (project name, amount, description, contact)
– Make sure your project is relevant and can be properly verified,
– Pre-selection will be carried out by Tecra experts and by our community
– Preparation of the final description, goal and milestones,
– Placing the project on the platform.
– Raising capital
– Payment of the withdrawn amount in tranches, depending on the implementation progress (stages)