Adaptogens – A miracle straight from nature

The constant busyness that surrounds many people working on their performance – whether at school, work or the gym complain of a lack of energy.

Insufficient physical activity, poor diet or stress can often be blamed. However, the problem begins when all of these aspects are standing at a high level and energy is still lacking. Sometimes it’s a good idea to reach for help not from chemicals and fancy stimulants, but from natural adaptogens. It turns out that they can lie literally – under our feet, and be available in a digestible and easy formula.


Adaptogens – features and functions

The Ajuverdian areas and their people have been using adaptogens for hundreds of years. They are very popular in those areas, but more and more such products have been coming to Europe recently.
An adaptogen is a substance of purely plant origin – it is a requirement to call a given product so. Its task is to restore the body to balance, or in professional medical jargon – to restore homeostasis to the body. The substances in question must not carry adverse reactions and side effects of use like many drugs. The most important functions of these ingredients include stimulation of neurogenesis, protection of neurons from degeneration or anti-inflammatory action at the cellular level in the brain. Thanks to this, a person who regularly uses adaptogens can experience the “mental clarity” effect so much desired by many people. Thanks to it, concentration on training improves, learning efficiency or performance at work.

Adaptogens - A miracle straight from nature

Examples of products
Some of the most popular adaptogens are:

– Ginseng; probably everyone has heard of it at least once. Its main ingredient is ginsenoids, which have anti-inflammatory, stress-reducing and cardiovascular effects
– Ashwagandha; one of the most popular and fashionable adaptogens on the market. For it acts primarily as an anti-stress agent by enabling the reduction of cortisol. This facilitates daily functioning and adequate regeneration.
– Mountain Rhodiola rosea; it reduces cortisol levels, supports post-workout recovery and improves immunity.