Reasons why you should consider thermal modernization of your property

There are many reasons why you may want or need to install insulation in different parts of your home.

Your house may be quite old and the insulation may not meet today’s standards, it may also not be enough. Thermomodernization of real estate is always a good idea, regardless of whether you are renovating a house or just building it. Thanks to proper insulation, your home will be extremely energy efficient. By ensuring that the heat stays in your property, your energy bills are dramatically lowered. Similarly, in the summer you can save on air conditioning, because insulation increases thermal comfort.

Reasons why you should consider thermal modernization of your property

Co-financing for thermal modernization of real estate

Real estate thermomodernization companies use a variety of insulation materials. Insulation can also have acoustic properties and fire resistance, offering the user a wide range of unique benefits. Do not save on the quantity and quality of insulation, the house will regulate and maintain the temperature much better. Make sure that there are no gaps along the walls after installing the insulation. Gaps that cannot be filled with cotton wool insulation can be filled with closed-cell foam, which will also work well for basement insulation.

Thermal bridges occur when there are gaps in the insulation system. These gaps are where heat loss is much greater, concentrating in this area and allowing water and condensation to collect. Thermal bridges can significantly reduce the effectiveness of insulation, so if you find small gaps in the attic, by doors or windows, use spray foam or seal these places with caulking. Often attic doors are not insulated, put insulation on the attic door and then add caulk around the edge of the door.

At you can find the offer of a company that deals with the thermal modernization of real estate. We can also count on co-financing for thermal modernization in Vienna, as well as in the vicinity. An experienced renovation and construction company can offer us many cost-effective solutions.